• Latest Tidbits

    October-December 2019: Brazil. Delivering talks and our first ETB in big city Rio de Janeiro with its overzealous beach vendors and barrio favelas creeping up the mountains, then bouncing to the tropical paradise of AVIVA to deliver talks and our second Brazilian ETB... like two vastly different worlds in the same Brazil. Next week starts two weeks of Trainer Practice Days with 16 participants here at AVIVA. It's a first trial for the month long...


    August 2019: I just sponsored Ian Mackenzie's latest film project Love School at Kickstarter to the tune of $1000. It's a next-culture thoughtware-upgrade film with Ian's inimitable flair. They are raising $50,000 for final production. They have $10,000 to go and 9 more days. All or nothing by 13 August. Can you help?

    My own book, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, has sold out of its first printing and the publisher Hohm Press is re-releasing the book under a new title: Building Love That Lasts. (Nothing online about this yet but I wanted you to know it is the same contents with updated title and website links, not a new book from me. Next book is still baking in the oven...)

    For the October Possibility Village Lab in Mallorca we plan to practice the Rapid Learning through Vacuum process until everyone can do it. I am excited. I am also excited about meeting new Riftwalkers at Evolutionaries Lab.


    June 2019: Bali... need I say more? We get here and the volcano Agung erupts again... the writing has begun.


    April 2019: (Ravensburg, Germany) Anne-Chloé and I are cranking out structural elements (192 websites so far...) for StartOver.xyz and its SpacePort blast-off platform. This massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation thoughtware-upgrade game makes my hairs stand up thrilled. Why didn't anyone build this game for me to explore 20 years ago? Why wasn't school like this? Everything we can get online now as distinctions and experiments to try builds real matrix in people to hold more consciousness, and it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year round the world for ANYBODY to use for free! Yay! We are also excited to be part of the PM Trainer Guild Torus near Frankfurt, and then delivering Expand The Box and Possibility Village Lab in Mallorca in May. Maybe we will see you there!


    March 2019: (New Zealand - South Island) The 2-day Tuki (village meeting) at Tui (ecovillage in Golden Bay) was fabulous. It felt like water being soaked up into a damp sponge, ripe fruit ready for picking. The residents of the Tui nanonation have done so much preparatory-work over the years that the PM distinctions, thoughtmaps, tools and processes we offered for upgrading the context and thoughtware of their ecovillage-community gameworld got devoured like fresh hot pancakes on a Sunday morning!


    February 2019: (New Zealand) By now it is clear that we need a miracle to transform the bus with a child at its steering-wheel speeding towards the cliff-edge at 200 kilometers per hour. The people on the bus must perform this miracle because the child cannot, and we need this miracle RIGHT NOW. These words could be part of that miracle happening. Reading these words is doing your part of the miracle in this moment. My part is collaborating with local edgeworkers to deliver Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs, writing books and websites, and being the stand that together we are creating the miracle RIGHT NOW.


    December 2018: (Germany) What is turning me on lately? S.P.A.R.Ks are being translated into 14 languages!!! This is totally inspiring and wonderful!!! I have so much gratitude to the S.P.A.R.K. translators and the Tech Team. Thanks again to everyone helping make these powerful distinctions available in other cultures.


    In addition to being able to deliver Expand The Box trainings, Possibility Labs, and the Evolutionaries Lab, I am excited about belonging to the nomadic nanonation of Possibilica http://possibilica.org