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    Project Collaboration

    A young man recently asked me if he and I could find a project that we could work on together. I said, "Yes. The project thing is straightforward. Here are the projects I am working on. See if any of them resonate with you and get your butt co-creating them with me."


    - Upgrading human thoughtware into authentic-adulthood-initiation-centered archearchy cultures. Replacing current curricula in schools and universities with initiatory processes that unfold people's unique talents by skilling-them-up to be their destiny in action to create a bright future for Gaia and the Earth.


    - Assigning political, religious, and educational belief systems the same authority and respect as any other fantasy story. Anybody can believe anything about anything. So what? Beliefs have no connection to reality. A belief and 50 cents will get you on the bus.


    - Eliminating hierarchies as acceptable forms of power structure in governments, religions, education, medicine, business, etc. If you eliminate the hierarchies there won't be governments, corporations, or religions. Instead there will be circles of local-authority mutually-empowering creative-solution circles. Hierarchies promote those psychopathic personality disorders who will do whatever it takes to get power to build their terrifying psychopathic empires.


    - Reconnecting people directly to life and values without money being in between. The moment you think, "I need money to live," you have become a slave in a value-diminishing economic-scarcity-system run by Zombies. Why do I say Zombies? Because if you walk by the millionaire's and billionaire's yachts in a harbor during the evening, what you see is the flickering blue-lights of televisions screens. These are billionaires! How do they spend their precious free time? Watching television. Zombies watch television. Zombies try to get their name on as many pieces of paper as possible which say that they own property so they can collect rent and watch more television. If you pay rent to anyone you are a Zombie-maker. Don't be a Zombie-maker. Value has value. Money disconnects people from a brilliant life of delivering their value and focuses them a survival life of trying to make money.


    - Initiating one million global edgeworkers to being able to negotiate intimacies in their 5 bodies so that their archetypal lineages have the inner resources of intelligence, inspiration and energy they need to do their work in the world. An activated edgeworker serves as a bridge to archearchy, weaving the global network of one-hundred million interdepending regenerative-culture nanonations.


    - Training Possibility Management Trainers to train Possibility Management Trainers how to train Possibility Management Trainers. You do this by becoming a Trainer-Trainer Trainer. When there are 100 Trainer-Trainer Trainers humanity will rapidly upgrade its thoughtware, because each Trainer-Trainer Trainer will train 100 Trainer-Trainers, and each Trainer-Trainer will train 100 Trainers, and each Trainer will train 1000 clients, customers, and participants. 100 TTTs x 100 TTs x 100 Ts x 1000 people = 1,000,000,000... one billion people. This is how we generate one billion newly-initiated radically-responsible adults in the world.


    Do we have a deal?


    I welcome collaborators helping to make these things happen...

    StartOver.xyz game

    Our free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade adventure-game offers you experiments to try that transform what you think with, so that you can create more Possibility.


    When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself.


    Liquid states can bring up uncomfortable feelings and emotions.


    By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. On the other hand, no one can stop you from doing it.


    Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to explore these websites.

    Possibility Management

    Trainer Guild

    A torus of transformation-facilitators using Possibility Management.

    Our purpose:

    • Empower each other as culture-shift edgeworkers to upgrade human thoughtware.
    • Share discoveries and inventions.
    • Have High Level Fun!

    Along the way we intend to ignite 100 Trainer-Trainer Trainers.


    Every village needs its midwives, sorceresses, memetic wizards, alchemists, element shifters, magicians, and next-culture shamans... those people serving the village by being radically responsible, sacrificing the belief that stories are true (especially their own...), who can no longer indulge in low drama, and who have their Gremlins serving them at their sides as a source of nonlinear possibilities.




    Possibility Management

    Next culture personal development...

    We learn to empower each other in our full potential, living life at our best, free of conditioning and limitations.

    We want to see the human race thriving on Earth, co-creating the world we each want to live in!










    The concept that land on Earth can be owned by either a person or an organization is a superstition, easy to understand, but without basis in reality.

    The laws that declare the legality of buying and selling land are based on an ecocidal paradigm. Submitting yourself to western civilization’s rule of law is criminally insane.

    There is already a precedent that nation-states exist wherever the bearer of a passport of that nation-state stands. Therefore nation-states do not have to be associated with plots of land on Earth.

    A nanonation is a cultural-context-space held by a group of three or more people mutually committed to each other while serving a common purpose.


    How to build and occupy your own nanonation:




    Torus Technology

    - a way for many to also be one

    After trying a number of soft meeting technologies we experienced enough pain to invent one of our own. It turns out to be fabulous. It's a Torus which Diverges and Converges.
    In a traditional meeting, company, or community, it is wished that you fit into the meeting culture, company culture, or community culture. You need to be not you.
    In a Torus organization, the Torus works by you being you.
    A Torus meets in a Togethering.
    Each project, decision, or activity in the Torus is called a Node and is made up of one or more co-creators.
    Each person is called a Thread with their individual resources, intentions, skills, resources, ideas, and connections.
    Each Thread contributes their resources to the Nodes of their choice.
    The Threads weave the Nodes together into a living, breathing Torus.
    Node decisions apply to the whole Torus. During Convergence any decisions or creations made in a Node are reported. Any resistance is consulted for its wisdom. Sources of big resistance join the Node in the next Divergence.


    Next Culture Press

    Life-enhancing books from some of your favorite authors:

    Gute Nacht Gefühle by Clinton Callahan, Illustrated by Timo Wuerz (English: Goodnight Feelings).

    Wahre Liebe im Alltag by Clinton Callahan, translated by Marion Callahan (English: Radiant Joy Brilliant Love).

    Die Kraft des bewussten Fühlens by Clinton Callahan, translated by Marion Callahan (English: Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings).

    Abenteuer Denken by Clinton Callahan, translated by Marion Callahan (only in German).

    Edgeworker by Nicola Nagel and Patrizia Patz (only in German).

    Radikal ehrliche Elternschaft by Brad Blanton, translated by Marion Callahan (English: Radical Parenting).