• Creating The More Beautiful World

    A 15 minute video of interviews made by Silke Oppermann during the 2018 Global Ecovillage Network Conference (GEN) at the Lilleoru nanonation in Estonia. Silke's website is http://studentoftheworld.de.

    Next Culture Radio, news, podcasts, interviews relating to Possibility Management

    Next Culture Radio

    Transformational podcasts and videos are on the air!

    Most of my new stuff and old stuff is posted here by Anne-Chloé Destremau,

    as well as an abundance of treasures

    from other edgeworkers.


    The Art Of Facilitating Change Processes by Daniel Christian Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures.

    The Art Of Facilitating Change Processes

    An article written by

    Daniel Christian Wahl,

    author of the book Designing Regenerative Cultures.

    In his information-rich article Daniel includes references to the Possibility Management approach.

    The Circle Way film is now available to watch.

    Circle Way

    A full length film created by Heiko Schleinitz, Mia Zittlau, and Martin Drziska.

    See the film's online trailer HERE.

    Circle Way website and news is HERE.

    The Circle Way YouTube Channel is HERE.

    Circle Ways production team has a video chat with Clinton Callahan

    Circle Way Film Team Chats with Clinton on the Occasion of the Film's Online Premiere

    Clinton Callahan with Heiko Schleinitz and Martin Drziska

    Circle Way Film website is HERE.

    Cooler S-E-X Kongress Packet is available with all the distinctions we could share!

    Cooler S-E-X Congress

    My Cooler S-E-X video interview is in English with German subtitles. Most of the Kongress is in spoken German. (To be transparent, I do NOT receive any money for selling packets... I just want you to be able to use the amazing distinctions given in this strong interview...)

    Gesellschaftswandel Kongress website and shop

    Gesellschaftswandel Kongress

    The Congress includes 2 interviews with Anne-Chloé and I, translated live into Deutsch by Michael Pörtner. Birte Vehrs knows how to ask exactly the right questions and also how to listen as a space. Website for Gesellschaftswandel Kongress is HERE.

    (Transparency: I receive no money from selling Congress Packets. Funds go to the producers for their next project.)

    Leap, the coaching movie, website and shop

    LEAP: the Coaching Movie

    Watch the LEAP trailer HERE.

    LEAP FaceBook Page is HERE.

    LEAP film website is HERE.

    LEAP book is available HERE.